All wedding cakes are custom made to each bride’s
preference and priced accordingly.

Cake flavors are chocolate, white, marble, German chocolate, 
yellow, strawberry, lemon, carrot, red velvet and banana.
Some specialty flavors are available upon special request.

Sheet Cakes

8x11 $18.00
9x13 $24.00
11x15 $36.00
12x18x2 1/2 $48.00
12x18x4 $60.00
Cupcakes $1.00 each

Layer Cakes

6 inch round $12.00
8 inch round $20.00
10 inch round $32.00
12 inch round $40.00
14 inch round $60.00
16 inch round $80.00

Layer cakes are available in round, square, oval, hexagon and heart shape. Sizes vary by shape.